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The BK Radio brand has long signified premier, top-of-the-line, high-specification, feature-rich radios with rugged durability and rock-solid reliability. Delivering unsurpassed performance as good or better than comparable radio products of the same type, BK Radio also represents the most affordable choice in the top-tier portable and mobile radios - both APCO P25 digital and high-spec G Series analog radios - as well as base stations and repeaters. More Radio for Your Dollar.

Smarter by design, all BK Radio products provide simple and intuitive Windows-based programming with the widest range of functionality, versatility, special features, and various options - yet also Easy to Use, Easy to Customize for any user requirements and situations. All you need and more, all at the most affordable price
BK Radios
BK Radios
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BK Radio
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