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FS-1 Ranger
FS-1 Ranger/SR-1 Endeavor




·         Modular Pack System for Multiple Set-Up Options

·         Aluminum Stay Frame Structuring for Custom Fit

·         New Patent Pending D.A.S. Dual Action Stabilizer

·         Adjustable Waist Belt/Torso to Fit Multiple Sizes

·         Ergonomically Designed Harness System

·         Webbing Reinforced Stress Points

·         100 oz. Water Reservoir Pocket w/ Dual Hose Ports

·         New Generation Fire Shelter Case w/ Alice Clips (Ranger)

·         Medical Kit Case (Endeavor)

·         Two Side Pockets for Water Bottles  (Capacity: 4 - 32oz.)

·         Total of 10 Pockets for Organization

·         Two Covered Side Pockets for Fusees

·         Alice Clip Case for Fusees

·         Lifetime Warranty

Endeavor USAR Pack
Patent Pending Dual Action Stabilizer
FS-1 Spotter
SR-1 Recon
FS-1 Spotter/SR-1 Recon



Customer Service
FS-1 Mohave

The FS-1 Mojave allows you to configure your pack to fit exactly your needs by adding  Coaxsher accessories and  cargo packs later


·   Reservoir Case Holds 102oz Water Reservoir (Sold Separately)

·   Movable Water Bottle Case Holds 32oz Bottle

·   New Generation Fire Shelter Case w/ Compression Strap

·   Waist Belt Daisy Chain for Adding Coaxsher Accessories

·   Capable of Adding Coaxsher Cargo Packs

·   Superior Comfort for Hip, Back, & Shoulders

·   Perfect for Working In & Out of Vehicles


FS-1 Mojave
FS-1 Mojave